The tree!

Yesterday once the kids were out of school we went and picked out a tree. It was getting pretty cold, and we walked and walked…but then we found one we all agreed on! It was much bigger then I thought once we got it home. I have to stand on the step stool to put ornaments on the top (I don’t think that has ever happened).

Oh, you might also noticed that we changed our dining room lamp. We realized the dandelion flower lamp wasn’t going to work with a tree, so we moved it up to our bedroom. I have to say it looks quite lovely above our bed. The new pink one we painted and has a chain so it can be shortened or lengthened depending on wether or not the table is underneath it.

We also started our advent calender on the first. We have some chocolate ones, but we also have an advent house which I fill with silly notes that rhyme. They are a mix of activities to do, places to visit, things to bake, etc. For example one will be make hot chocolate + watch A Christmas Story. Another might be cut out out snowflakes, or drive around and look at Christmas lights. Tonight’s paper was making Chex mix which we only ever make this time of year, so its extra special.

Now that all my Etsy orders from Cyber Monday are shipped and taken care of, it is going to be easier for me to concentrate on my handmade gifts! I’ll share whatever I can, and I have some new tutorials to share as well.

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4 Responses to The tree!

  1. valoree says:

    I love when you post your christmas decorations! it has inspired me to get off my butt and get them out already! lol ……and they are so cool! I have been hunting through our local thrift and antique stores for decorations. Love the older styles! and I think they are neat to pass down since they have already been through sooo many Christmases. i like to wonder whose they may have been, and the kids who prob enjoyed them. it makes it funner than buying brand new, which i still do buy newer ones, but its always fun to find the lost xmas treasures in the antique stores. so pretty, your place looks great!

  2. katie says:

    so beautiful! and the pink chandelier is amazing! you have quite the touch, pretty lady! i love seeing your house at holiday time!

  3. Robin says:

    I love your house! And that tree is beautiful.

  4. meg says:

    where did you get those humongous snowflakes?!