snow day

The kids and husband had a snow day today. We woke up to snow on the ground and then it started snowing again around 2-3pm and still hasn’t stopped!

I did get my proofs from Spoonflower today, so that made it an awesome mail day. I’ve made all the fabrics for sale over at Spoonflower, and will have a little bit of each in my shop once I get back from my NYC trip, so look for those early next week.

Not only do I have the NYC trip, but my Mom is coming to visit very soon, so lots of fun stuff planned. Tomorrow will be a day for packing up all my crafty stuff for the events this weekend. Don’t forget Babesta on Saturday, The Craft Lounge in NJ on Sunday, and Etsy Labs on Monday!

tiny things

I found this sweet little doll’s plate this weekend. My only thrift find, but a good one for 90 cents.

We also rediscovered our love of Shrinky Dinks last night. We never use the kits, but just buy the clear sheets that you can draw on with colored pencil, pen, markers, etc. I mush prefer being able to draw anything we want and shrink it. My youngest son drew all those little guys (except for my obvious gnome) I am so in love with his drawings, that little Santa just kills me. We shrink them on a piece of tinfoil in the toaster oven, works perfectly every time!

You can see some of our older Shrinky pursuits like Katamari magnets here, Christmas ornaments here, and the smallest booger sized babies. That last set there was made using the white slick sheets of Shrinky paper. This kind of paper is best to be used with Sharpies, because other markers tend to smear around.