Goodbye 2010….12 months in 12 photos

Just like last year’s let’s see what happened in 2010…

2010 was a good one! Lots of travel…Portland for the first time (Emily + Josiah we want come back soon!), a trip to San Francisco, an unforgettable trip to NYC with Tom via the train, birthday weekend trip with my sister Heather, Chicago with the whole family, and a trip to Georgia with my Mom that was a blast! :) :)
My third solo show, so much roller skating, the gift of a full sized Dairy Queen sign, a show in Philly with Spooky + Jenny Harada, a giant snowstorm that kept us all at home sledding and walking everywhere for a couple of days, thrift shopping, and book reading (but never enough!).
It will be a hard year to top…but I am hoping 2011 is up to the task. :) If you posted something similar link it in a comment, I’d love to see what everyone else did in 2010, and it is hard to narrow it down to twelve photos!

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10 Responses to Goodbye 2010….12 months in 12 photos

  1. hodzer says:

    I think you forgot you finally met us this year!!! A highlight I’m sure. Just kidding. 2011 will be great.

  2. ohsweetie says:

    i’ve probably been reading your blog for a solid year so it was nice to see a “recap” of all you accomplished! i did a year in review photo blog the other day too!

  3. Mim says:

    Great year in review!

  4. Tara T says:

    Lovely photos. It’s so hard to pick just one to represent a month! Here are my 12 photos, year in review

  5. Natalie says:

    Those Mushrooms are adorable

  6. raku says:

    dear Miss Heidi, I love your blog, been reading for years now and I think you’re just the bee’s knees. My husband, daughter and I moved to Tokyo over a year ago. Today we were in Roppongi Hills on the 52nd floor of a tower and in the Mori Arts Center shop and there were your Yummy Breakfast zipper pulls/keychains! My little girl said, “Look! We have these pancakes!” haha And last year, walking by the Kidrobot store in Shibuya, I could see one of your giant donut cushions from across the street! I’m so happy for all the success you’ve had over the years, and it brings me comfort to see these little signs of home so far away over here. Thank you so much for keeping such a steady blog and for being an awesome artist, mom and wife. I really look up to you and wish you the best this year. I’ll keep trying to spot you in Tokyo! xoxo

  7. Rosie says:

    I haven’t commented on here in years, and my blog is currently down but I had to share with you over Christmas my bf and I eloped at SF City Hall – and I thought of you. They married us in front of the Christmas tree that was decorated with nothing but silver, gold, and colorful paper cranes. I don’t have a picture handy but you can google tree of hope san francisco.

    I’m happy to read you all had a great year! Here’s to 2011!

  8. Lucy says:

    Great photos! =) I attempted to do a similar post myself, but I couldn’t decide on just 12 photos, so it ended up with slightly more!
    Happy new year!

  9. Olisa says:

    You are an inspiration! Love this post. Here’s hoping 2011 brings you much joy!

  10. Cassandra says:

    Hi Heidi!

    I’m a little late to the party, but after reading your year in review, I did a recap on my blog:

    So glad to have found your blog – you and your family always seem like so much fun. Much continued success and love to you and yours this year!