Let’s all go to the lobby…


Yesterday was a rainy cold Sunday, so my guys and I headed to the Capitol Theater in Chambersburg PA to see The Sound Of Music on the big screen. My sisters and I were pretty obsessed with musicals when we were younger.

The theater play classic films most Sundays and since my boys had never seen it (oh the shame) we thought it was a perfect idea. Of course I had forgotten that the Sound Of Music is 3 hour long movie! I think when I was younger that we must have turned it off around the time that Maria returns to the abbey and Mother Abbess sings “climb every mountain” because the songs after that got a bit foggy. No wonder I always forgot about the Nazi chase & suspense bit. We probably just wandered off before the ending to pretend we were one of the von Trapp girls singing and running around the mountain tops.

My youngest son said it was too long for one sitting, but they both seemed to like it “okay” (Pollyanna was actually a bigger hit with these two) Of course the little one got into it at the end. Hiding from the bad guys, and trying to escape the Nazi soldiers grabbed his attention better then a love sick girl singing “I am 16, going on 17″

Still the theater won me over with the vintage “let’s all go to the lobby” commercial that played mingled in between the local businesses commercials before the lights fully dimmed and the movie started. And I am always down with singing nuns & musicals.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! I’ve got a great Mardi Gras mix I’ll share, and this year we are attempting a vegan king cake, now I’ve gotta go find our baby from last year!

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4 Responses to Let’s all go to the lobby…

  1. Jenny says:

    After I read your post about Pollyanna,we got it from Netflix. My girls and I loved it! I hadn’t seen it in years ;)

  2. Anne says:

    Oh my goodness I was in my early 20s before I knew there were Nazis at the end. I watched it every Easter I think it was on ABC every year, probably fell asleep. I would love to see it in the theater!

  3. Haha my first obsession was anything shirley temple and then I moved on to musicals. My fair lady is my fav! Matter of fact I just found the LP at goodwill for $2!!!

    We have a drive-in theater here that uses all vintage intermissions (one from the 60′s encourages you to have a smoke, lol) and they play two movies back to back. Awesome!!

    I am jealous that you have an indoor theater;}

  4. Jen says:

    I just got this from Netflix the other day- I’ve been itching to see it forever. I LOVED the sounds of music when I was growing up. :) So cool you got to see it in a theater!