photo dump…

Man I am such a bad blogger as of late! I’ve even been bad about taking photos of things to blog about. So here ya go, a random assortment of photos from my iphoto to get me back into daily blogging again…..

The eldest son…why is he growing up so darn fast? 15 is a pretty awesome age though I’ve gotta say. Him and his dad can share clothing, and they do dress pretty much alike. He actually likes good music and it has been fun introducing him to some of our most favorite bands.

The youngest son (who is turning 8 very very soon!) is into drawing his own little comics lately. He got some little blank flip books in his stocking this year and has been using them not to make flip books, but to create mini comics instead. This one was titled “the death of death” and was about The Grim Reaper’s demise!


This photo is a bit of an oldie, from the Fall I think? We found a load of paint-by-numbers at a local antique shop and picked them up on behalf of friends :) Still was really fun to see them all together!


A birthday cake I made for my nephew in December! haha…it was a supposed to be a cupcake, on a cupcake, on a cupcake. The idea for the tiny cupcake on a cupcake was found here.


An actual recent photo! I made up a bunch of buttons last week. So satisfying :)

Alright I guess that is enough photos for now. I’ll be back tomorrow for another blog post, let’s see if I can get back to the daily updates!

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6 Responses to photo dump…

  1. taryn says:

    i think that cake looks fantastic! you’re so talented! and i always imagined it’d be pretty sweet having a teenager…it’s the baby and kid part that freaks me out.

  2. Krystan says:

    Your son’s drawing reminded me of this game called “Telephone Pictionary.” If you haven’t heard of it, google it! It’s one of the silliest and most entertaining games I’ve ever played, and it works for all ages.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love the cupcake x 3 cake :O) Awesome buttons! Do you have any recommendations on where to buy a button maker and the supplies for cheap (is that a possibility?)

  4. says:

    Oooo, I wanna button maker!

  5. So jealous over the paint by numbers! I too have a 15 year old (well almost 15) boy. He is fun, he listens to some of the same music and we both like left for dead 2 and coming up with ways to survive the zombie apocolypse (spelling?) I bought your tattoo boy and girl awhile back from spoonflower and I love them!!!! I made a mermaid skirt for the lady to work for a peter pan birthday party I have coming up. Would it be okay to post pics and have a link to you? Thank you so much!!

  6. Kristin says:

    My daughter just turned 15 this week. She’s a great person to hang out with, we love sharing all sorts of things, especially music.

    She would love one of each of those buttons! :)