Yesterday our friend Adam came to spend one more day with us before we leaves for his new home about 4 hours away. Still close enough for trips, but he and Tom will no longer be able to drop off some new vegan food at one another’s house, take the dogs on a hike in the woods, or see each other at work anymore. No more loaning out books or movies we want each other to share. We also were able to turn him into a total Harry Potter nerd ;)

We took him antique shopping, then out to dinner at an Italian restaurant we like. We had plans to go see a movie but had some time to kill first, and what do stumble upon but an abandoned mini golf course. I saw the pink house when we drove by sticking out of the trees.

There were no signs warning against trespassing, so we took a chance and braved the over growth to get some photos. There were two keep out signs on two of the mini houses, but I’m pretty sure they are meant to keep people from going inside. :)

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