the puppies have arrived!


puppy dots

polka dots

The fabric arrived right after we got home from NYC, super fast! Now I just want to find the most perfect pattern to make a market/shopping type of bag with it.

Sorry the blogging has been a bit sporadic. I am getting ready for a 11 hour train trip with the boys to visit my parents for a week and there are so many last minute preparations I need to figure out (like what crafty project I want to bring for the train) I thought about cross stitch like last Summer but the train is always so bumpy that working on my hex quilt might be easier. But maybe I’ll still bring cross stitch for the beach…..

I also just realized that the boys have 29 days of Summer vacation left, which just seems nuts. My sister’s kids only have 23! So there is also the back-to-school shopping on the agenda, getting back into the weekly routine (which really I am so ready for) and getting my Etsy shop back open (and getting myself back to work, I haven’t made anything shop related in weeks!) So this is one last Summer fun trip before I need to focus on all those other “to-do’s”.

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5 Responses to the puppies have arrived!

  1. Debbie says:


  2. We’ve only got one week left until the teacher work days start, and one of our teacher friends has already started! But our summer started quite a bit earlier than yours too.

  3. Sam says:

    Those puppies are so, so wonderful! I’m completely enamored with their adorable faces… they couldn’t be cuter :) Any chance this will show up in the etsy shop?

  4. lauren says:

    those puppies are so cute! my boss would love that fabric :)

    and i know how you feel about the summer speeding by. my 14 year old daughter starts high school in a week from tomorrow! it’s crazy. i feel like we missed summer somehow! life sure is busy sometimes <3

  5. Katie says:

    I start back to work tomorrow (I’m a teacher) and our students start back next Monday.