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I found this amazing donut mug at the thrift shop this week. It is super sized to fit a cake donut floating (although personally I’d prefer to dunk) So cool and just .35 cents!

We made a trip to the Apple store on Thursday which also meant stopping in at the Lego store too. I got a new purse, and….we got to pop into Nordstrom and see my honey bears in person.

My to-do list is so big for September! Fall just seems to generally always be a busy time of year for me. Luckily I was able to cross off one of the items today, felt great! Too early to share specifics, but I am excited about it :)

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4 Responses to this & that

  1. mollie says:

    Oh my! I know someone who floats a chunk of doughnut in his coffee. This would be perfect for him! Now I’ll always be on the lookout for a mug like this…

  2. Amanda says:

    you got a pair of hello kitty Vans!!! My local shoe store was all sold out in my size and they sold out fast online… lucky you!

  3. Hi Heidi Hi! I got prize money today from the fair for my canned goods & I WANT one of the phone cases! So awesome! Can I only buy it online at Nordstrom or can I buy it from you directly? I’d obviously rather buy it from you! Have you thought about making those electronics stickers? Gelaskins or something? I’d LOVE a mypapercrane for my kindle!!!

  4. Scissors says:

    awesome on both the mug & cheburashka!