DIY Make a sock jack-o-lantern



Its easy! You’ll need
1 orange sock
1 small piece of black felt
orange embroidery floss or quilters thread
orange thread
sewing needle
larger needle for embroidery thread
fabric glue
sewing machine (or sew it all by hand)
1. Lay your sock down inside out and cut the bottom area off. Using the guide above sew two arms from this area. Use the rest of the sock to sew the legs (which are connected to the body) leave the space between the legs open for turning. Now turn the body/legs, and arms right side out. Stuff the arms with polyfil.

2. Next stuff a bunch of polyfil up into the head area. Tie a length of embroidery floss around the form the neck, the head should be nice and full.

3. Now your head should look like this.

4. Using embroidery thread go into the center of the head from the top (don’t worry the knot won’t show once we glue a stem) Bring the needle out through the neck, and bring that loop of embroidery thread back up to the top of the pumpkin. Continue to go in through the top, out through the side until the head begins to have a pumpkin shape. Pull the floss tight as you go. Finish off on the inside of the head and tie a knot.

5. Now your head should look like a pumpkin. Stuff the body and legs with polyfil and stitch the opening closed. Stitch the arms to sides of pumpkin.

6. Cut face from black felt and glue in place on the head. You can cut a little stem for the top and even a bow tie or scarf for his neck.

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4 Responses to DIY Make a sock jack-o-lantern

  1. tasha says:

    Why didn’t we do this last night?!

  2. Mireya says:

    i gasped as soon as i saw this ^_^ thank you so much te-he , i just recived a huge stock-pile of socks , this is a perfect halloween treat for my friends

  3. celest says:


  4. Ella says:

    This is the best! I made one and blogged about it (and linked back to here) Thanks for sharing!