DIY make a witch ornament


You’ll need:
Witch Heads
-Pipe cleaners (black or orange)
-streamers (black or orange)

1. Cut out a witch head or two and cut one pipe cleaner in half.
2. Work your pipe cleaners so one has a loop and two arms, and the other is bent in half and makes two legs.
3. Wrap the legs around the loop so the two parts stay together. Glue the head onto the loop.
4. Cut two sections of streamer to make the dress. One if folded in half twice to form the waist band, the other pleat with your fingers along the top so it looks like a skirt. Glue the skirt in place first and then the waist band on top.
5. You can glue an extra loop of pipecleaner, ribbon, or string to hang it with.
Remember to please use the witch head’s for personal use, thanks!

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4 Responses to DIY make a witch ornament

  1. becky farley says:

    awww she’s so great!! We need a halloween tree! Why not? ;)

  2. Cute idea! I agree, a Halloween tree is a must-have. Then you can redecorate it for the rest of the holidays!

  3. Tilly Mint says:

    I love you. Thanks so much for this. We’re having a craft day at Tilly Towers tomorrow, and I think the sproglets will love this. :)

  4. knitxcore says:

    squeee! this is precious!