DIY Crochet a cowl



This is a super simple pattern (not even a pattern because its so easy) to crochet a neck cowl. This is longer enough to wrap around twice snugly, or wear as one longer loop. You’ll need to know how to single crochet & double crochet.

I used Zitron’s Opal 1 in color #200 which I got from The Mannings. This yarn feels amazing and is made in Germany. 100% single ply Wool infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oils 208 yards per 100 gram hank, Approx. 4 sts per inch. I also used a J sized crochet hook.

1. Single Crochet 125-150 stitches (this can be more or less depending on the size you’d like your finished cowl. Check by holding ends together and putting it over your head. You can try it doubled to make sure it will fit. Add or subtract stitches as needed)
2. Once you have the size you would like join ends with a single crochet.
3. Starting back on the first stitch you made Double crochet the whole way around. Continue to do this (I ended up with 12 rows) until your yarn is too short to make another full round of double crochet stitches. This video has helpful info on finishing your crochet.

You will notice a little part that sticks up where you started your double crochet (you can see mine on the second photo down) but its not a big deal and just wear that in the back. Since it’s double crochet it works up super quickly.

I know it’s almost Spring, but since its currently snowing here I’ll still get a bit of use from a cowl.

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5 Responses to DIY Crochet a cowl

  1. Anne says:

    Love that yarn! I make a lot of cowls like this. If you join your rounds after each one (just slip stitch and chain 3) you won’t get that little jagged bit at the top. Another solution if you wanted to work in a spiral is you single crochet for a few stitches then slip stitch for a few, it will still be a little step but it will be more subtle.

  2. katie says:

    You look gorgeous here, that color lipstick is perfect!

  3. becky farley says:

    wow the colors are so great!! So pretty!
    Too bad it’s too hot in FL for cowls! whomps!

  4. Simone says:


  5. robbie. says:

    such good colors! that yarn looks great!