Minecraft Party

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I had the idea to make a creeper piñata for the party using this method. Its even easier for a creeper since it uses all box shapes. I’m not sure though what possessed me to make it so huge. I realized my mistake too late and it took me quite a few hours to glue on all the tissue paper! In the end B said he didn’t want to break it and asked if I could make it into a ribbon pull piñata. It was pretty easy. I cut a trap door in the top of the head (then the creeper was hung upside down to use it) I threaded a big needle with ribbon and secured one ribbon on the other side of the door with duct tape. So that when this ribbon was pulled the door came open. All the other ribbons where threaded through the door and then left loose, so when you pull one of those they just come out. The kids take turn pulling a ribbon until the door comes open and candy & prizes spill.

The cake was 4 layers of brownies (plenty leftover for freezing since we cut the pieces small) and covered in frosting and crushed oreos for “dirt” and then green grass piped on top. My guy does not like cake, so he requested brownies.

We made mixed cds of all the awesome mine craft parody songs out there and enderman dolls for all the guests. I’ll have a DIY on the dolls soon so you can make your own!

We played a few mine craft themed games, and made creeper tshirts using freezer paper stencil method, so easy! I’ll make a DIY of that too if anyone thinks they might need it..
We had a mix of muffins, 2 quiches, fruit, and juice at the start and then cake around noon.

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4 Responses to Minecraft Party

  1. robbie. says:


  2. katie says:

    thanks for being such an awesome party planner. L has been wearing his creeper shirt daily – no joke. I will have to steal it for washing. Also, thanks for the geeky club music. I’ve been waking up with the songs in my head…baby tonight, the creepers gonna steal our stuff again!


  3. Peggy-Sue says:

    Yoiks! My 10 year old is about to have a birthday and we haven’t decided yet what kind of party to have (last year was a comic book party) and since he and his little brother are currently Mindcraft obsessed (playing on our desktop as I type) he will go crazy when he sees this party! Please, please post any info you can on the games, the t-shirts (especially since I just picked up a pile of green t-shirts from Dollar Tree – perfect timing!) and the enderman dolls – I have a feeling that I’ll be making a Creeper pinata soon!

  4. Carrie says:

    You throw the coolest birthday parties!!