Today was a orange zest cupcake kind of day…

orange zest cupcakes
orange zest cupcakes
south riding!!

Please pardon the instagram photos….I had a busy day doing things around the house, blog planning, working on design work for things in the future. Then my friend Katie texted me later in the day to see if she could come over for awhile. Yes please :)

I decided to make some orange zest cupcakes (inspired by Amanda but wanted to make them vegan so Tom could share). I used this recipe but added 1 cup of squeezed orange juice (in place of 1 cup of water) and the zest from 2 oranges. For the frosting I just mixed 1 container of vegan cream cheese, 2 cups of powdered sugar, and zest of 1 orange.

When Katie arrived we had cupcakes, coffee, and watched all of South Riding. It was very good! We actually started watching it back when we were in Portland in 2011. It was on the tv in our hotel, but we were so tired and we had an early flight to catch the next morning. So reluctantly we turned it off, and I vowed to find it so we could watch it when we returned home. It may be almost exactly one year later, but we finally got to see the whole thing :)

Doily Party


Today I hosted a little crafty doily party. The plan was to make some doily lanterns by pasting doilies over balloons…but its easier said then done. I thought maybe we could use Aleene’s stiff stuff, but that didn’t seem to make the doilies very stiff once dried. So we made up a mixture of glue, cornstarch, and water. It’s still very hard to get the doilies into place on the balloon.



Mostly we concentrated on making doily bowls, We covered bowls with plastic wrap and then the doily and coated really well with the glue mixture (equal parts of each all mixed) Super easy and they turn out really pretty! We had to leave most of the bowls here to dry overnight, but I think the fact that it’s cold and rainy didn’t help the drying process much. These could also be used as lamp shades with a hole cut from the center for the light.


Jessee was the only one who managed to get hers to stay on the balloon. Check out her doilies too, she dyed them!! We were thinking if you used a rubber ball, and sewed the doilies around it before you coat them, it might be easier. We also thought we could make big lamp shades by coating a big bowl (from the dollar store) with doilies. The balloons tend to want to roll around from the weight of the doilies. But of course the purpose of the get-together isn’t really the craft, its the fun!

doily party




I made broccoli and cheese soup (perfect since it was so cold), semolina dutch oven bread, and a pink lemonade cake (you basically bake your favorite lemon cake but add pink lemonade mix to the frosting and pink dye to batter, it ended up super tart though!). Amanda made a spiced iced tea, and Jessee made cinnamon macarons with vanilla bean good!

Now to plan the next crafty-party! Time to scope pinterest for ideas!