Sunday Links – Time For Tea


Although coffee will always have my heart, I’ve been taking some time each day to make myself a nice hot cup of tea. I love that it takes a few minutes to boil the water, and some time for the tea to steep. It’s perfect for a small break in the day to sit still and relax.


First let’s talk about David’s Tea. Mostly found all over Canada (and it looks like NY too) I ordered my teas online and they arrived pretty quickly. I went with a few of their “cupcake teas” Ice Cream Cake & Birthday Cake. They both feature sprinkles and ice cream bits (looks like freeze dried ice-cream!) They smell pretty amazing.


Then Tom picked me up some local teas from Frederick MD’s Voila! tea shop. Flavors like Graham Cracker Twist, Shortbread, Gingerbread Cookie, and Chocolate Orange.


I’ve been using one of the Ikea Bird Trays to store all my tea goods in one place. This way if I need to move it all for counter space, or move it to the table to make my tea, its an easy process. I keep honey (the jar is from Pier One) Maple Sugar (that jar is thrifted) tea infuser, the teas, and a few measuring spoons.

When steeping my tea I use a timer on my phone, but if I have my laptop near by I like to use instead. I’d love to hear about your favorite teas & tea shops!