Sunday Links – Art Star Purchases

Today I wanted to share with you the goodies I bought when I was selling at Art Star, and a few links to goodies I wanted to buy, but had some restraint and kept my purchases to a minimum.


First is a bag I bought myself from Namoo. Her booth was really close to mine and I kept seeing these beautiful mushroom bags blowing around in the breeze. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t get one. I’ve been using it as my purse every day since then, and love it! It’s similar to this one…maybe slightly bigger.


I got a couple of prints from Yardsale Press. This one was for my oldest son and came with a free matching comb, but he threw in an extra since I have two boys :) I also got the crock pot print for my kitchen. I have a bunch of kitchen related print stuff hanging in there, so this fit in perfectly.


A beautiful glitter star from Sue (Giant Dwarf) which I can’t wait to wear! My photo is pretty bad, they are so beautiful in real life..see her photos here.


And last but not least a night light from Overdue Industries. Their etsy shop is empty right now but they have a huge list of stockiest on their website, plus they do a ton of crafty fairs.

Now….wishlists items….
Betsy Olmsted had some beautiful hand towels
-Amy Blasco’s jewelry, in particular the polaroid pin. I actually didn’t see these walking around, but a friend of mine bought one and showed me.
Peg And Awl’s Apothecary Spice Rack or Chalkboard Pad
-Angie Mason’s rotton tooth
just to name a few :)