Sunday Links – Books


The bookshelf by our bed is pretty out of control, but it also makes me happy. Today I wanted to share with you a few books that I read or purchased through out the month of May. You can also find me over on Goodreads.
Battle Royale– Some people say that Hunger Games ripped this book off (and I could see where they are coming from) But personally I am happy to have both Hunger Games & Battle Royale to read. Battle Royale was a bit more violent/gory in descriptions, so I would say it is much less of a young adult novel then Hunger Games was. Now I can’t wait to watch the movie(s).

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle-I have been searching for this one at the used bookshop since finishing 1Q84, but haven’t had much luck so I ended up ordering it instead. I’m really excited to start it.

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 12)-This is officially a gym book, because I feel like it’s easy to read while exercising, you don’t have to concentrate extra hard to read about Sookie cleaning her kitchen, or a description of Eric’s abs.

Moby-Dick– Which I’ve been obsessed with reading ever since I read Ahab’s Wife then my obsession grew when I heard the opening pages read on NPR. I have to say I really loved it! While there are a few parts that felt slow, and it seems to take forever before they even set sail, there is so much more inside then an adventure story. If you’ve never read it I would recommend it. Besides we all need a little Moby Dick to balance the Sookie Stackhouse’s right? ;)

As always I would love to hear about any books you’ve recently read that you loved. My taste is really all over the place when it comes to books.