Thrifty Thursday – Finds


My sister Heather and I like to go out thrift shopping once a week or so. It’s so much fun to get together with her, we usually have a little lunch date, complain about high prices (Goodwill I am looking at you), and find cheap goodies that make us very happy indeed.

There are many many times when I come away from a thrift shopping trip with just a book, or maybe a mug, but there are some days when the thrift gods are smiling down on me!

The first photo up there was actually from a yard-sale shopping trip (with Heather of course).


This stash of vintage cameras was one of those lucky days! I have been on the look out for an 8MM video camera, and this box had not 1..but 2! One takes batteries and the other is wind up.

I have a thing for vintage dishes. I cannot leave a good mug behind, or plate….or cup….hmmmm

And don’t worry about Heather, she finds good stuff too…just look at this super cute cat she found! I love it!


What about you? What is your thrift weakness? I have so many….vintage dishes, old board games, cute knick-knacks, old toys…..oh and kid’s books…it just goes on and on!