Sunday Links – Dinners


Since dinner happens every single night, I thought I’d share a few more of our favorites!

As I said before we have breakfast for dinner maybe once a week (if not more). Breakfast burritos are a big hit. I made homemade soy chorizo earlier in the day, then just scrambled up some eggs, got out the salsa, avocado, etc. So good and each person gets a bit of control over what goes on their burrito.


I recently made this Summer Squash Corn Chowder recipe, and replaced the bacon with bacos. I added some of the back’s during the cooking process and was pleasantly surprised that cooked “wet” bacos do not just dissolve like I had expected but turn into something really close to the texture of bacon, it was bizarre & amazing!

My youngest son hated this soup, but I thought it was awesome. I will be making it again, but just not for him.


Lots of nights I will just make a big salad, some baked pasta (this night it was a baked ziti with breadcrumbs & parmesan) green beans, and french bread. Sort of a plain go-to meal, but it works in a pinch.


And some night’s dinner is a complete hodgepodge. This night we had veggie cheeseburgers, cucumbers, bananas, and parmesan risotto.