Working Wednesday – Blythe


My poor Blythe girls have been sadly neglected. They don’t even have proper names yet (and there is 3 of them when you count my littlest pet shop gal and I do) So I’m planning to make them a better place to live then the small suitcase where they currently reside.

I have also been attempting to make them some more clothing, but I haven’t found a pattern that I just love. I have a handful of badly made & unfinished dresses right now, a few store made doll clothes, and one knit sweater.


I know there are a million amazing Blythe clothes makers out there, but I am some times a very stubborn DIY lady, and I really want to make some myself. Since I am not quite ready to give up, do you have any links you want to share?

Here’s a few that I’d like to try:
Blythe Boater Hat Tutorial
embroidered felt skirt
crocheted Blythe hat pattern