Yesterday Thomas turned 34 years old (now we get to be the same age for a little bit until I turn 35 in Sept ack!) He has off on Thursdays so it worked out perfectly this year. We made him breakfast in bed (B’s idea and vegan cheese danishes to share!)
We watched the second Lord Of The Rings movie with the boys (we are slowly making our way through them with B since he’s never seen them before and the Lego LOTR game comes out in dec).

coffee syrup

Tom’s brother Sean came over for dinner with our nephew and we cooked out. For dessert we had some coconut chocolate ice cream with coffee syrup on top for dessert (Tom didn’t want a cake, the weirdo ;) The coffee syrup was one of his bday gifts, have you had this stuff? It’s amazing! I think we need to order a bottle of the vanilla next, and maybe some of the espresso bark.