It happens every time, they all become blueberries.


Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 11.48.41 PM

Last week the kids and I met up with Sean, Amanda, and my nephew in Gettysburg. We planned to go see Willy Wonka at the Majestic Theater. They do awesome classic movies on Wednesday nights in the Summer. Last year we saw Indiana Jones there, and have been to the other smaller theaters they have inside a few times. We love The Majestic!


We went across the street first and had dinner at The Lincoln Diner (another one of our favorites in Gettysburg) Breakfast for dinner, you know its my favorite. Plus if you get the omelet with home fries and order a blueberry muffin instead of toast…they spilt and grill it!




It was such a good time and had been so long since I actually sat down and watched the original Willy Wonka, so many good scenes, and oh man it made me want to go to a candy shop as soon as possible ;)