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first harvest

I harvested the first veggies from our little garden this morning. I shelled the peas, and cooked them up with the beans with some olive oil and sea salt as a lunch side. Not a big bounty of anything right now, but I’ll take a few veggies any day!

first tomatoes

We also have the first little tomatoes growing out there, so exciting!!

halloween cross stitch

I couldn’t help myself and started on a Halloween cross stitch that I made. It’s a big one so it might just take me all of Summer to have it done in time for Halloween. I also may have had an iced pumpkin carmel coffee the other day, and that can make you do strange things in the month of June.


The weather has also been pretty lovely lately. Cool breezes and not too hot so we’ve been taking lots of walks and spending as much time as we can outside before it gets too humid. My sister and I took our youngest kids on a little road trip on Wednesday. We went to Hershey PA (and the surrounding area) for some thrift shopping (what a surprise!) and to also do the free Hershey Chocolate tour, it just never gets old. My youngest son has made a list of things he wanted to do this Summer and the tour was one of them. Even though he has probably been on it about 8 times…I guess it’s a Summer tradition for us.
****A bit off topic but I keep forgetting to ask! Someone asked me a few weeks ago why I made my blog images on the small side (not as large as they could be) and so I made an effort to use larger sizes from then on, but I find when I view my blog on my website–they almost seem a bit too big. In bloglines they look fine, but I wanted to see what you all thought. Are they took big now? 628 width is what they are set on now, and previously they were 491. Thanks for any input! To give you a better idea below is the last photo but at the old size I would have posted…


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7 Responses to this & that

  1. Carrie says:

    I honestly hadn’t noticed. Is that a bad thing, lol! I HAVE noticed that the blog has been taking longer to load. Could that have anything to do with the size? I’m so un-computer savvy, it’s ridiculous! ;-)

  2. rae says:

    i think the photo size looks great. it is centered in my browser, too.
    also, those purple striped peas are so pretty!

  3. Mandy says:

    I like the look of the bigger images. I tried the same with mine, and in draft form it looks like it fits then when you preview it and it’s all out of proportion. I think you are okay with the pumpkin coffee with the addition of ice. ;) I try not to rush the fall season but it’s so hard! Are you or have you ever offered the pumpkin cross stitch pattern in your shop? I would love to purchase that graph!

  4. Marisa says:

    I like the big picture size! And my goodness, those purple-streaked beans (?) are beautiful! What are they, exactly?

  5. ikisti says:

    hummm that is a hard thing to decide.
    The smaller gives it more space to breath with your side bar images, where as the larger makes it pretty bold…. i think they both look good though.

  6. Sasha says:

    I usually read on my phone and everything resizes, so either one works for me.

    unrelated question: I live relatively near you and love your posts on thrifting, but I have never gone. Would you ever consider a post on the best of your local thrift shops? Sort of a’where to start’ guide?

  7. The sidebar images look fine to me sized as they are except that a lot of the images are missing (replaced with question marks)