Thrifty Thursday – Finds


My sister Heather and I like to go out thrift shopping once a week or so. It’s so much fun to get together with her, we usually have a little lunch date, complain about high prices (Goodwill I am looking at you), and find cheap goodies that make us very happy indeed.

There are many many times when I come away from a thrift shopping trip with just a book, or maybe a mug, but there are some days when the thrift gods are smiling down on me!

The first photo up there was actually from a yard-sale shopping trip (with Heather of course).


This stash of vintage cameras was one of those lucky days! I have been on the look out for an 8MM video camera, and this box had not 1..but 2! One takes batteries and the other is wind up.

I have a thing for vintage dishes. I cannot leave a good mug behind, or plate….or cup….hmmmm

And don’t worry about Heather, she finds good stuff too…just look at this super cute cat she found! I love it!


What about you? What is your thrift weakness? I have so many….vintage dishes, old board games, cute knick-knacks, old toys…..oh and kid’s books…it just goes on and on!

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12 Responses to Thrifty Thursday – Finds

  1. Sasha says:

    A Child’s Garden of Verses! That was one of my favorite books as a kid!

  2. haley says:

    We have similar thrift tastes! I am a sucker for kitschy dishes and kids’ books with great illustrations. I have a collection of children’s books and no kids. :-P

  3. Mandy says:

    My weakness at both thrifts and yard sales are older home decor items that can be refurbished, anything that can be sanded down, repainted and given a new lease on life (and reasonably priced) generally comes home with me.

  4. Ivonne says:

    those colored mugs are the business!

    my thrift weakness is vintage apothecary, old creepy photos and vintage halloween.

  5. robbie. says:

    any 60s or 70’s books (especially those better homes and garden ones)! i like a knick kncak here and there, too :-)

  6. P says:

    Plastic “toy” cameras are always on my “Watch List” and rabbit-themed anything. I’m jealous of your Brownie cameras. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Goodwill is overpriced.

  7. Amoxelle says:

    I’ve found the holy land of thrifting at the Goodwill’s Bargain Barn. Clothes are sold by the pound and I’ve found tons of toys for my daughter this way.

  8. Mireya says:

    nick-nacks, russian nesting dolls, dishes, mugs, old but still awesome cookware, baking dishes, fabric, furniture, glass bottles, pretty much everything! ^_^ envious of those cameras!!!

  9. rae says:

    i can’t stand to go in goodwill anymore, everything is so expensive! I can’t resist dishes either. even though i don’t have any more room in my cabinets and i keep having to move stuff to the shelves over the stairs. i also can’t resist cute knick knacks especially animal ones, and vintage games. or floral sheets.

  10. Sally says:

    Vintage dishes too, old Disney-things, Robots, old Lunchboxes, childrenbooks, Halloween-things, Star Wars-things and and and….

  11. Lisa says:

    Children’s books from the 60s and 70s, doilies, vintage garments to up cycle and beautiful tea cups! Much more rewarding than department store browsing- how boring that is compared with searching op shops!!! Love your finds.

  12. Kim L. says:

    Goodwill is way to expensive! I find there prices crazy! Every once in a blue moon you get lucky. I got a Horse Paint by numbers (one of my addictions) for 99 cents!!! I am jealous of your sister’s cat! LOVE it! I am also a sucker for kids books. Especially the ones where it pairs the photo of a live animal with illustration. I have no idea why… but I can’t get enough!!