Sunday Links – Food


Today I thought I’d share a few more dinners & recipes we have been enjoying lately. Lets start off with grilled burritos. We stuffed ours with Spanish rice, vegan chorizo, cheese, and salsa. Then I spray a pan with a little olive oil and brown & crisp the burrito. Serve with salsa, shredded lettuce and sour cream. So yummy!


I love Noodles & Company’s Penne Rosa, so I was excited to try this make at home version. I just left off the shrimp, and loved the use of greek yogurt instead of cream.


I am also one of those people who love the combination of pineapple & tomato. My favorite way to eat pizza. So good. When traveling once Tom and I had some roasted pineapple tomato soup and it was heavenly. I decided to recreate my own at home and it was great! Served with grilled cheese and a salad, its just perfect. If you don’t like pineapple you could always leave it out and follow this recipe for homemade tomato soup (personally I do not like canned tomato soup, it’s like spaghettio sauce) but if you want to add pineapple chop pineapple into small chunks and roast in a 375F oven for about 20 minutes until browned. Then add to soup before boiling. I also omit the honey when adding pineapple.


And I will leave you with some cereal milk popsicles we made! (Sorry for the terrible picture we ate them at night. I followed this recipe for cereal milk popsicles, but I was lazy and left out the step involving cornflakes completely. Instead I just used the milk & cream they call for without it. I also added fruity pebbles instead of fruit loops. These were so good! We were impatient so they were a little soft when we pulled them out, but really yummy! We use this popsicle tray which was the cheapest I found on Amazon in this particular design. I love it so much. We had a lot of trouble with popsicles getting stuck previously in the other molds we had, but this one has worked perfectly each time.