Thrifting Thursday – Roadtrip Finds

Today I thought I’d share with you my finds from our road trip to Georgia. We didn’t have a huge amount of luck, but it was better that we each only found a few items since the car was pretty packed with suitcases!

I bought this mushroom pitcher from Frecklewonder’s booth at the antique shop in VA. I love it so very much!

I found a few good books at various thrift shops, I adore the illustrations in the Rain one, and how could I resist the Fat Little Policeman?

Last but not least I found a vintage dansk dutch oven. It was at my parent’s Goodwill. I generally do not like Goodwill stores because I find their prices a little outrageous. But I was there looking around with my sister and parents (hadn’t found anything) when I heard a bell ring and saw people flocking toward a wheeled shelf. Apparently at this Goodwill whenever they bring new items to the floor they ring a bell to alert people. I’ve never been in one that did this! Anyhow my sister was closer to the shelf then I was and I asked if she could grab the red pan for me. I couldn’t really tell what it was at first because it had the lid off and was wrapped up in so much packing tape. But I am super excited to have found one, and for $5 to boot! Maybe I will have to change my opinion on the Goodwill?

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13 Responses to Thrifting Thursday – Roadtrip Finds

  1. The dutch oven is so cute! It looks very space age.

  2. Octavia says:

    Hi Heidi! I used to feel the same way about Goodwill and their pricing, but my husband reminded me (more than once) that their profits go to charity, unlike many others. I am still picky there, but feel better about their prices.

  3. rae says:

    that mushroom picture is really incredible. and i’ve never been to a goodwill that rings a bell either! i agree about their prices. all of the thrift stores near me have gotten crazy so i don’t even go anymore, except to the outlet.

  4. annette says:

    beautiful pot! Ya, goodwill is pricey lately, but that’s where I found my Le Creuset for $15, not quite as good a deal as yours but I still love it.

  5. Annette, no thats still a super good deal!! What a great find!

  6. Rae, we have a few thrift shops that have gotten crazy. One has started printing out ebay auction papers (on auctions where no one has even placed a bid) and taping them to the item, and lowering the price just slightly and saying “selling on ebay for $” Which is so silly considering people on ebay are not always experts, they could just be anybody trying to sell something for a lot of money haha

  7. Octavia, Thats actually a really good point, and does make me feel better about money spent there. I think the problem is that I always compare our Goodwill to our Salvation Army thrift shop and they have great prices, always have so many shoppers, and a great turn around on stuff. Like because their prices are lower things sell faster so they are constantly re-stocking the shelves. But I feel like my Goodwill always has a lot of the same stuff because it’s over priced, and then it just sits there…which just seems so silly to me since it’s all donated. I feel like their mindset should be more to get the “stuff” back out there, so they can take more “stuff” and make a profit while doing it. But it’s also because my parents raised me as a thrifty shopper haha

  8. Tiffany, yeah my mom was confused at first and was like “oh, you want that old pan?” haha

  9. Rachel says:

    Five bucks! What a steal. I love road trips.

  10. Wow, that pan is such a find! Hooray for you! I haven’t been thrifting in a while…but this post certainly gives me the urge. I love the bell idea. I’ve never heard of that, but it seems fun, if a bit frantic. Must set a date to go thrifting with my sis. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Jen, I love thrifting with my sister! Even if she is competition haha, its just so much more fun!

  12. jonahliza says:

    oh, i love dansk. great find! i have a red baking dish i covet. you know, crate and barrel released new dansk stuff. pricey, though. happy summer!

  13. Jonahliza, oh thanks for the tip on crate and barrel—although I am sure it will be more then I want to spend ;)