Working Wednesday – Tattooed Together

I added a new size of the tattooed together dolls over at Spoonflower. You can now buy them to fit on a fat quarter instead of a whole yard. Or you can get 4 sets of dolls on one yard of fabric!

The only change I would make is when sewing them up, sew the body and leave a space at the bottom for turning and stuffing. Then sew the arms and legs and hand sew them to the body. Since these guys are smaller it makes it extra difficult to turn if you sew the stuffed arms and legs in with the body. Otherwise they sew up pretty well! I decided to sew mine first this time, and then I will embroider the tattoos now once they are stuffed.

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5 Responses to Working Wednesday – Tattooed Together

  1. JLVerde says:

    Ooh, smaller ones would be great for gift giving (more bang for your gift giving buck).

    I love the original size, though. I don’t know why but I didn’t expect them to be so big (duh!) but I loved them even more once I saw the big pillowy size.

    I have the girl done (I named her Heidi!) and just have to finish embroidering the giant ship on the boy (then sew him together).

    I’d love for you to make more cut and sew designs (I love them for quick/easy projects when I don’t want to think so hard).

  2. JLVerde, Aw thanks so much!! I think you’re right that smaller would be easy to give out as gifts…like it you bought the yard for $18 and spilt it into 4 sets, but I am so glad you like the big ones!! :)

  3. Rachel says:

    Those are great. Keep um commin.

  4. Rachel says:

    I just signed up at spoonflower, I wanted to know if you had any tips for making your own fabric on their site.

  5. Rachel, Im not sure what good advice I might have, they can do the repeating over there on spoon flower so I wouldn’t worry about doing repeats at first (unless your comfortable making them) otherwise they’ve changed their rules for fabric a little so def read all the stuff over on their website. It used to be best to make TIFF files with LAB color, but I think all that’s changed and you can use all sorts of files now! Remember you can always make the fabrics and then order once you have one you love the best! :)