Summer Fun

On Saturday we went to the neighboring town for a hot air balloon festival. The balloons were so beautiful, but sadly never made it up into the air. They cancelled the launch because of winds. That’s the tricky thing about balloons, the weather can seem pretty perfect and be all wrong. Still the balloons were pretty magical on the ground and just made me want to read The Wizard Of Oz all over again.
We did see one of the strangest “rides” a blown up caterpillar that you could crawl through, and come out his rear end. Or maybe it was more like giving birth ;) Either way it was pretty funny to see kid’s crawling out the caterpillar’s bum.
We also made plans with my sister to meet up at the lake for some swimming. This is the first time we’ve gone the whole Summer, which is really quite a shame. We went to Greenbriar State Park this time (in Maryland) but some times we head to Cowan’s Gap in PA (which is my favorite and free) Just trying to cram everything we can in before the reality of school arrives.

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2 Responses to Summer Fun

  1. robyn says:

    I’ve been watching the schedules for hot air balloon festivals around me (in illinois). I’ve been to one before, for a balloon glow, but it was the same type of thing… the winds were too high. I discovered just how important the winds really are after getting tickets for a hot air balloon ride one year for my birthday. Our company didn’t actually fly unless the winds were below 8 mph. It wasn’t until a year later that we actually flew. In the meantime we had many scheduled attempts, but they would always be cancelled the day of or even immediately before. Still, I love hot air balloons and they make me happy whenever I see them.

  2. rae says:

    i love those balloons! especially the fry one! there is a festival near here, but i’ve never been. AND that caterpillar butt kids thing is hilarious!