Thrifty Thursday – Vintage Wrapping Paper

I know you’re going to think I’ve gone totally crazy (posting snowmen in Sept?) but I promise I’m not starting in on Christmas posts yet! I found this roll of brand new never used vintage snowman paper at the thrift shop this week as I was dropping off 8 bags of donations. I had cleaned out my youngest son’s room and went through all of my clothes. I felt like it was the best reward to find this wrapping paper for 75¢ and surely the thrift shop workers thought I was a bit nuts over wrapping paper, but its just so great! I decided that while I wanted to use it to wrap gifts, I didn’t want it ripped off and thrown away. So I went out and bought some paper mache boxes with lids to cover (using spray glue) and it worked out really well. I plan to display a stack of them with my Christmas decorations. Then those can be used to store ornaments. Then a bunch of gifts will be “wrapped” in boxes to give to others. I will however only be giving gifts in them to people who I know will love and appreciate the boxes (and want to save them haha). Since its a nice sized roll I covered all these boxes and still have enough to cover 3 or 4 really big paper mache boxes. Besides vintage paper I think this idea would be great for saving any wrapping paper you really love.