Threadless loves Minecraft and we love Sean

I’ve never had a brother before, I grew up with two sisters and as much as I love them there were many times when I thought it would be the best thing to have a brother. Lucky for me Tom has a brother, and so now I do too. Sean is the very best kind of brother I could ask for too. He’s super sweet and kind, he’s a really good dad, he never minds hanging out and drinking coffee while Amanda and I go on and on about this and that, and he likes making things!!

Sean is a regular at my crafternoons and never complains even when the “craft” is slightly gender biased (like making hair bands, and his hair is not long enough for them) Instead he said he was making them for his daughter. Have you heard the news? he and Amanda are going to be having a little girl :) He likes making things out of paper, he sews, he makes digital and paper illustrations, he knits and crochets, he plays 100-million instruments, and records beautiful music. Oh, and he really likes video games.

Threadless is holding a new contest, asking people to design a Minecraft t-shirt. Minecraft is a really awesome computer game that both of my kids are obsessed with, remember the minecraft party? Well Sean loves Minecraft so he created this amazing design called “Not A Morning Person” and it would be amazing if you could go and vote for it. If he wins his t-shirt design will be printed and put up for sale, and I really really want one.
you can cast your vote here – a 5 means you love it :)