I have a new cross stitch pattern coming soon to Kitschy Digitals. I’m going to finish mine and then turn into into a Halloween sewing bag with some halloween fabric to make it bigger. I’ve been working on an orange knit infinity scarf for myself as well, and I need a Halloween bag to keep it in.
Thanks for everyone who left a comment for the bento giveaway, the winner is:

I’ve been working on some exciting Halloween DIY’s for you all. I’m hoping to have 8 in total–starting on tuesday Sept 11th, and every tuesday following until Halloween.

The Vintage Heidi

When I first saw this book at the thrift shop I was immediately drawn to the cover art. I have a soft spot for fairy tales, and the giant on the front is just fantastic. Then the fact that is was a 1971 Folgers coffee premium, oh my! Even better!
When I was little I always got so excited over the free books with purchase. I think my Mom would get some free ones with the purchase of dish ware? Not sure the exact details, I just remember being excited about the free books. This illustration with the birds turning into men actually reminds me of a book I am currently reading called Deathless has anyone read this? I have just started the second part of the book (only a few pages in) and I am not totally sure what is going on in this section, seems almost like a different book but with the same characters. I will have to see where it goes from here.