Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treating has come and gone for our little town. With Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, trick or treating early worked out really well this year. It was a perfect night, no rain, and not too cold!
Kurtis didn’t trick or treat this year, which kind of makes me sad. Instead he wanted to wear this shark attack costume he found at Goodwill and walk around with his friends. B on the other hand wanted to dress up as chimney sweep from Mary Poppins. At his school they get to dress up as a storybook character, and some years he will pick a different costume for trick or treating. However this year he wanted to wear it for both, which made it really easy!
I found the vest at the thrift shop, and the pants, shirt, hat, and gloves are just from Target. We made the scarf with some grey knit fabric, dirtied up his face with black eyeshadow (he didnt want a lot), and made the chimney brush from things we found at Lowes. We looked into actually chimney sweep brushes but they were very stiff and we worried could hurt someone if they got poked accidentally.

We walked around with his school bestie, and I think it made all the walking even easier for them both since they could chat away. A few people asked B is he was Oliver, which he thought was great because he loves that book too, and for awhile he had Tom and I take turns holding his chimney sweep brush and told people he was Oliver. Two costumes in one! It was a fun night, and afterwards we came home for some hot chocolate & Simpson’s tree house of horrors. To everyone trick or treating tomorrow night, I’m sending all my hopes for a rain-free and not-cold-night full of many more treats than tricks!

Vintage Beistle (part 2)

Today I wanted to share with you more photos from my time in the Beistle archives. If you missed my original post you can find it here. You can also find the reproduction Vintage Beistle line here, and other Beistle products here…… I’ll have one more post on Halloween to share the final Halloween photos, but until then….

Sunday Links – Halloween Style

Today I wanted to share with you a few Halloween links for your enjoyment…

photo by Secret Fun Blog
I tend to think that the best Target Halloween store display was in 2003. The giant masks are just so spot on…see all the photos over at the Secret Fun Blog.

My favorite Halloween movie (not kid friendly) is Trick ‘r Treat I know I talk about it every year, but so far nothing has been able to top it. The Halloween imagery is just that good. Come on Hollywood, I need more Halloween movies please….and when I say Halloween movies, I mean actual scary movies that are about Halloween (not just a scary movie, and please not just a torture movie)

I love all three of these t-shirts for Halloween, and right now Threadless shirts are still $9.99

and a few more:
free halloween fonts
free cut and fold printable masks
cute cone girl’s in halloween costumes
my list of kid’s halloween movies from last year
Betsy McCall Halloween paper dolls