The Great Frederick Fair

This year (like the last few years) my sister and I decided to load up all five our our kids into her car and venture out to The Great Frederick Fair on a Friday evening. Of course this year three of the boys are almost legal adults and could go off on their own (honestly that makes me so so sad). It ended up being pretty warm, and the fair was bonkers crowded.

Luckily my favorite parts (like the barns with the ribbon winning veggies) were much less crowded, and the heat wasn’t as bad as it is most years.

There were blue dipped ice cream cones, cotton candy, and lemonade in giant cups….I wanted to take all of those giant pumpkins & watermelons home with me, and I wouldn’t have minded if the broken Rita’s hotdog sign came to live at my house either.

The lambs, pigs, and chickens were all mighty cute. The pigs just make me want to read Charlotte’s Web all over again….every single time!
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