17th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Kurt’s 17th birthday, and his birthday fell on a Saturday this year! Since next year he will be away in college this was his final big birthday party (here at home at least) The theme was a Saturday Night Cartoons party, so I filled the pinata with cocoa’s, cereal bars, milk straws, and Wacky Packages cereal boxes.
We had quiche, egg stuffed croissants, pumpkin scones, and lots of cereal. Kurtis doesn’t like cake so his “cake” was a cereal-marshmellow cake. I made it with a combo of melted dandies marshmallows and rice mellow creme (earth balance too) I find the combination of the two make great marshmallow treats! Ten of his close guy friends came over for cartoons, and spent the night. It was a fun time!