Crafty Bastards 2012

Crafty Bastards annual show was yesterday and what a whirlwind of a day it was! I got up at 4am and stopped in Greencastle to pick up my lovely helper for the day Tasha at 4:45 am. We stopped for coffee and made it to DC by 6:30 (a little earlier then my gps said we would get there) We got to see the sun rise & set on our way to and from DC yesterday. The new venue was easy to find, and they had two huge circus looking tents set up. Because we arrived early we were able to park inside the lot by the tents and unloading was a breeze thanks to all the Crafty Bastard volunteers.
The day went by really fast and warmed up pretty quickly. There were so many people out shopping, thank you DC!!! By about 4pm my tables looked like the last photo you see up there, it was amazing. My sales yesterday were the best compared to every other show I have done in the past ten years. I don’t know how they do it, but Crafty Bastards does it so well. If you’ve ever been on the fence about applying for CB, I say go for it. Thanks again to everyone who came by and said hello, everyone who made a purchase, and all our lovely booth neighbors. I am planning an Etsy update before the holiday madness, but since I sold so much I need to do some sewing first. As of now I am aiming for cyber-monday (the monday after black friday) but I will post exact details here soon.
Sorry for the instagram photos, I only had my phone with me and didn’t get to take a lot. You can find me on instagram as username mypapercrane (what a surprise!)