Twelve Links on Twelve Twelve!

twelve for twelve

1. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (Yesterday’s Classics)– I read this book to my youngest son last year and we simply loved it! This story is not to be confused with the Frank L. Baum’s book. This story tells of Santa Claus as a young boy who has a knack for carving wood, and how his legend began and continues today. The story made us cry, it is so lovely and sweet! I think this is a great book too for kid’s who begin to question if Santa is real or not, as the ending is a great way to explain who Santa is.
2. Bleaching Bottle Brush Trees– Did you know you can take the ugly store bought bottle brush trees and bleach and dye them to look like cute vintage ones? I cannot wait to try this! Just a few tablespoons of bleach in water and it doesn’t take very long, then you can tint them with RIT dye for colors.
3. The Container Store– has really cute vintage inspired gift wrap this year, this one too!
4. JC Penney’s– has cute vintage style shiney brite ornaments
5. Vintage Christmas catalog page scans– love the ones from the 50’s
6. Christmas Vinyl Covers – want them all!
7.make a snowy mountain DIY– I’d even add some embroidered little holiday skiers coming down the mountain
8. Adorable crepe paper bells DIY
9. adorable paper cup bells DIY
10. The cutest bell jar inspired ornament DIY (I made these for crafternoon gifts, so much fun!)
11. wrap up oversized gifts as giant Christmas crackers
12. paper ornament print outs