Baking Day

Tomorrow is our big baking day, we have some friends coming over to help (and help taste test of course!) We do a Christmas Eve get together with my sister’s family and instead of a meal we just do desserts. Then on Christmas we bring treats to Tom’s parent’s house. Then of course there are the treats that need to be sent to work with Tom to both tattoo shops, so quite a lot of sweets in all.
1. Tracy Shutterbean’s Coconut Lime Bars: I love that they are bars because that helps with time management, but I also love the flavor combination on these.
2. Sprinkle Bake’s Oreo Stuffed Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies: I just actually saw this post this morning and had to add it to our list because it combines some of the kid’s favorite cookies oreos & crinkle cookies.
3. Sweetapolita’s Misty Mint Peppermint Patties: I’ve had these pinned for quite some time, we are going to do them in pinks & green.
4. Divinity: but we are using an old recipe cut from a newspaper and it’s called sea foam candy.
5. Martha Stewart’s Cranberry Coins: because they look good and I like that they are not chocolate.
6. Sugar Mice: B picked a recipe like this from our Harry Potter Cookbook but I’m going to compare recipes to see which one will be easiest for the kid’s to make.
We are making a few other recipes that are old ones clipped from newspapers or handwritten on index cards including:
Frazer’s cheaters
cherry winks
chocolate thumbprint cookies
soft gingersnaps
Now I’ve just got to make sure we didn’t forget any of our supplies! I’d love to hear what you are baking.