my charm bracelet

The bracelet I made during my last crafternoon party is a hodge podge for sure, but it is exactly what I was hoping to end up with.
I added them items I really wanted to use first, just randomly spaced out along my chain wherever it looked good to me, trying to keep similar colors spread out. Then I went back in and filled in space with other cute trinkets that didn’t have as much meaning but would add fun.
-I used thimbles (this one is probably obvious as to why, because I sew) I started my bracelet the night before so I could have a bit started. To make the holes in the top of the thimbles to add the screw in eye hooks I used a Bead Reamer because I wouldn’t have the correct dremel stuff until the day of the party. But the bead reamer worked well for all the thimbles plastic and metal. Then I screwed in the eye hooks.
-two pairs of metal scissors (also for my sewing) they were easy to attach with jump rings
-dice and a puzzle pieces charm (for my love of board games and puzzles) the dice were mostly easy as a few of them were beads with pre drilled holes, but the vintage ones each needed a bit of drilling with the dremel.
-some red dotty mushrooms (because I love them) these were just cupcake toppers like the ones found here I pulled them off the green, and pulled out the little white pick. Then it was easy to create a hole by putting the bead reamer up inside and letting it poke through the top. I had some jewelry kits and used the long metal pieces with the loops at the top and bent the end (as you may notice I am not a jewelry maker)
-an “H” initial that I found in Michael’s clearance section. It used to be one of their dollar items and was 75% off.
-a vintage camera charm I found at Hobby Lobby
-a nesting doll charm that came on a pin my sister gave me a few years ago. It broke but I kept all the dolls with plans to use them some day :)
-beads to spell out Dec, for December my wedding anniversary month
-some plastic candy beads found 70% off after Christmas, and the rest was just filler.
I would like to make another one that is Halloween themed but I might wait till it is closer to the fall to tackle that. I also plan to keep adding to it any time I find something that suits me.