my charm bracelet

The bracelet I made during my last crafternoon party is a hodge podge for sure, but it is exactly what I was hoping to end up with.
I added them items I really wanted to use first, just randomly spaced out along my chain wherever it looked good to me, trying to keep similar colors spread out. Then I went back in and filled in space with other cute trinkets that didn’t have as much meaning but would add fun.
-I used thimbles (this one is probably obvious as to why, because I sew) I started my bracelet the night before so I could have a bit started. To make the holes in the top of the thimbles to add the screw in eye hooks I used a Bead Reamer because I wouldn’t have the correct dremel stuff until the day of the party. But the bead reamer worked well for all the thimbles plastic and metal. Then I screwed in the eye hooks.
-two pairs of metal scissors (also for my sewing) they were easy to attach with jump rings
-dice and a puzzle pieces charm (for my love of board games and puzzles) the dice were mostly easy as a few of them were beads with pre drilled holes, but the vintage ones each needed a bit of drilling with the dremel.
-some red dotty mushrooms (because I love them) these were just cupcake toppers like the ones found here I pulled them off the green, and pulled out the little white pick. Then it was easy to create a hole by putting the bead reamer up inside and letting it poke through the top. I had some jewelry kits and used the long metal pieces with the loops at the top and bent the end (as you may notice I am not a jewelry maker)
-an “H” initial that I found in Michael’s clearance section. It used to be one of their dollar items and was 75% off.
-a vintage camera charm I found at Hobby Lobby
-a nesting doll charm that came on a pin my sister gave me a few years ago. It broke but I kept all the dolls with plans to use them some day :)
-beads to spell out Dec, for December my wedding anniversary month
-some plastic candy beads found 70% off after Christmas, and the rest was just filler.
I would like to make another one that is Halloween themed but I might wait till it is closer to the fall to tackle that. I also plan to keep adding to it any time I find something that suits me.

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15 Responses to my charm bracelet

  1. robbie says:

    so good! my gosh! so many fun little surprises.

  2. Oh my gosh….this is so adorable and fun! I love charm bracelets and have always wanted to make one. I did buy a few things to make one but never got to it. My favorite charms on your bracelet are the deer, mushroom, nesting doll, the white bunny and the scissors. You did an awesome job. I know you will get a lot of compliments on that! I just love that you have crafternoon parties…especially the yummy treats that go along with it. Darn…I wish I was your neighbor! I would have to come knocking on your door, freshly baked caramel apple pie in tow, and try to get myself invited to one of these! hee hee! I am going to try to think up a crafternoon party at my house for February. I will let you know if I do and how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  3. Persephone says:

    I love it! It’s colorful and suits you well.

  4. rae says:

    I LOVE how that turned out! my favorite charm is that tiny deer!

  5. Liz says:

    I love this bracelet and the crafternoon idea. I am going to be hosting a crafternoon in either Feb or April so I am doing a little research into project ideas.

    I used to wear my mom’s charm bracelet from when she was a teenager all the time. Such a great idea to make some.

  6. Carrie says:

    Such a cute idea! I would much rather have one like this, than a store bought one. I may try to make these as gifts at Christmas….fingers crossed! I’m such a procrastinator, lol!

  7. Rachel says:

    I love the way it turned out. Your crafternoons are great.

  8. Heidi Kenney says:

    Rachel, thanks so much! I really love it too, its just what I always wanted :)

  9. Heidi Kenney says:

    Carrie, thanks and I agree its much more fun to make one then buy a new one. You can do it!! And just think if ou start now you have plenty of time!

  10. Heidi Kenney says:

    Liz, thats great idea to hunt for ideas, its my most favorite part of planning them :) I wish my mom had a charm bracelet, I think I had a friend that had one growing up

  11. Heidi Kenney says:

    Rae, the deer is actually from Hobby Lobby it came in a two pack, but I gave away its double at the crafternoon or I would have sent it to you!

  12. Heidi Kenney says:

    Persephone, thanks my dear!

  13. Heidi Kenney says:

    Bonnie, Aw thanks–I was excited with how it came out! Goodness caramel apple pie!! You kill me! :) I would love love love to see photos when you have your crafternoon!

  14. Heidi Kenney says:

    Robbie, thanks!! :) It was much more fun then I could of imagined :)

  15. Sarah Park says:

    These are so charming. Very colorful and full of life.