I have a collection of small tin doll sized dishes that hang on my wall, and I am always on the look out for more to add to it. Imagine a plate wall, but doll sized dishes instead ;) I saw this particular swan set online somewhere. Someone was selling one of the tea cups, and I fell in love! I set up a little search on ebay and finally found this set priced very reasonably and with no bids…because the photos were super dark, blurry, and made the whole thing very hard to see.

Now besides plates, I’ve been slowly collecting the little tin tea cups and have a plan to add hooks to a doll hutch (which I’d hang on the wall) and then hang all my cups from.

Blythe Tea

This morning I had a really lovely get together with my local Blythe pals. I invited everyone to bring their dolls over for some tea, sweets, Blythe talk, and company. There was some hair removal for re-roots, some faces were sanded, sharing of clothes, etc. It was so much fun–can’t wait for the next meet up!

I made some birthday cake bars (but made some revisions of my own with dandies and sweetened condensed soy milk etc.) and some gluten free double chocolate chip cookies. There was lots of tea, and lots of Blythe dolls! Dolls on the bench belong to me, Jessee, Molly, and Heather. Our friend Lindsey who is interested in getting a Blythe came too, so I gave her a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe to get her started :)

Birthday Roadtrip 2013

First I just want to apologize that you might have seen a few of these photos already on instagram. I try to keep my blog filled with my camera photos, and my instagram filled with Iphone photos. On this trip however I didn’t bring my camera because I was bringing along two old beauties loaded with film, and didn’t want to carry around 3 cameras and a phone. So please forgive any “re-runs”.
This weekend was my sister Heather and I’s annual birthday road trip. We try to take a little weekend trip every February to celebrate her turning another year older. We’ve gone to Lancaster PA most years, and this year did the same.
This weekend we…
-shopped for treasure in thrift shops & antique places
-brought our Blythe dolls Francis & Piper (getting ready for Blythcon!)
-Heather ran across a busy road to get her photo with the hay-man
-went on a hunt for birthday cupcakes & they were amazing
-slept in a steamboat
-visited a windmill
-roadside diner breakfasts with blueberry pancakes
-visited Columbia, Lancaster, Hanover, and Ephrata PA
and I can’t wait to do it all again next year…