I hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. We don’t go all crazy, but I love an excuse to celebrate (and Tom has off on Thursdays) so it was extra fun this year. We made the kids some little treat buckets. That bottle in the bucket on the left was a funny vintage-looking aftershave I got for Kurtis. But I think it looks a little like I gave him a bottle of alcohol in that photo, haha.

Thomas knows me so well and surprised me with this cutie, AND he ordered me Blythe clothes (isn’t that the sweetest?) He took the time to look through and pick out Blythe clothes for my gals, just so thoughtful!! I’ll do a photo shoot with them soon.

We had a nice lunch out together and then just spent the evening with B since Kurt had a movie date. Now that Valentine’s is over though I am super excited to get out the Easter decorations…one of my favorite holidays for pastel colors and bunnies!!
***the little cutie valentine gals in the photo above I got from here

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3 Responses to Valentines

  1. Julie says:

    He shopped for Blythe clothes! Could he possibly give my husband a clue? Sounds like you had a lovely day. I made the card people Valentines to decorate the dinner table for my son’s swim team dinner. (Yup, Valentine’s Day was my draw for suppplying dinner to the team.)

  2. Heidi Kenney says:

    Julie, :) I know it was such an exciting surprise :) :) Your so cute with your valentine swim team dinner-sounds fun to me!!

  3. The Clubman! My husband only uses that brand, bursting with good scents :)