Flea Marketing

I know I mentioned before that my friend Molly and I were going to finally go for it, and get a space at a antique shop. Our first month was March, but they gave us the last two weeks of February for free, which was great! Originally we really wanted a space (not shelving) but the only places with available spaces were quite pricey, and so we decided to start small. We’ve been selling at Remember When Antiques in Hagerstown MD.
It’s been an adventuresome learning process for sure. Some things I’ve learned…..
-sales can be really slow
-you’ll have grand plans to decorate up shelving, but next time you come in stuff will be thrown ALL over, and you will find random stuff in your booth that does not belong to you, all the time.
-it’s hard to share a booth space when you some times want to buy something the other person just brought in. Molly and I have both bought stuff from each other!
-Its super exciting to go through your sales list, but unless you keep great records you wont be able to remember what half of the items listed are (im so guilty of this one)
All in all its been a fun experience, and I am so glad Molly is selling there too. It makes it so much more fun to have someone to go with. I do wish the space was closer, I don’t venture to Hagerstown MD all that often so I think I might re-stock and clean the space more often if it was closer. I haven’t decided if I will continue after this month. We may even try out our own shelving space, for just a bit more room. So far I’ve spent $60 on the space and have made $74 haha, so a $14 profit. It’s not a big money maker for me but there is something really fun about it. We decided to hold a 40% off sale this week to hopefully move a bunch of stuff so we can add more. It has been great for cleaning out my attic, and getting rid of some things I love-but don’t really have space for. I’d love to hear from anyone else who has experience selling in this type of venue.