Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was great, and not just because of the adorable little coconut cake. My husband had the day off & the annual used book sale had its “fill a bag for $5” day. For breakfast we made Leige Waffles (hot sugar waffles) which I’ve been craving since I tried one on my last trip to NY. They take a little while to make because you need to let the yeast rise, but it worked out well since the book sale didn’t open until noon.
Then the rest of the day was spent planting new flowers and two blueberry bushes. Oh and of course there was the coconut cake too.
I got some lovely records I have been coveting and BioShock Infinite. I have discovered though that I cannot play FPS type games. It makes me dizzy, and I am rubbish when it comes to the fighting. But the game is really beautiful so I’ve been making Tom play it every night so I can watch. I’ve been wanting to start a new game since finishing Ni No Kuni, but to be honest—I just want the new game to be just like Ni No Kuni!