8 Responses to cups & mugs

  1. Amanda says:

    You need a baby to do some #babeinamug #babymugging on Instagram with those cool mugs.

  2. Heidi Kenney says:

    Amanda, oh my goodness I had to look up the babeinamug tag haha so hilarious!

  3. Rachel says:

    I have a hodge podge of mugs too. I pick them up constantly at the thrift store.


  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Rachel, fun kitchen wares are the hardest for me to pass up since they are also very functional :)

  5. Cara Edwards says:

    Oooh I collect mugs too, I LOVE a good mug. I need to take a pottery course and make my own!!

  6. Heidi Kenney says:

    Cara, Oh a pottery course would be amazing :)

  7. I also an avid collector of cute mugs since I always like to have a mug of hot choco or coffee with me while working. The owl mug is what I like best.

  8. Heidi Kenney says:

    Alexis, I can never pass up a good mug! I like that unlike the cute knick-knacks I pick up at least the mugs are useful