DIY Sumertime cherry necklace

This necklace was inspired by one my friend Rebecca made. She’s a big bakelite fan and didn’t want to pay a bunch of a bakelite cherry necklace, so she took matters into her own hands and made her own version using red bakelite beads. So when I was at Michael’s craft store and noticed glass leaf beads, I thought I’d have to make my own version of a cherry necklace, and with Rebecca’s blessing I wanted to post this DIY in case you wanted to make your own.
What you’ll need:
-red beads for your cherries
-leaf beads
-some sort of beads for the stems (I really wanted green tube shaped beads but couldn’t find any) however these clear ones actually came with the glass leaves and I think still worked as well
-a necklace (you could make your own with findings and a chain, I just bought a pre-made one at Michael’s, and I find a shorter necklace works best for the cherries.
-head pins (I went with the longest size they had 3inches to make sure I had enough length. These look almost like a pin for sewing work with one flat end.
-jump rings (I already had some of these at home from other projects)
-some sort of jewelry tools for bending the ends of the head pins & opening closing jump rings. I had these on hand from previous crafternoons.

1. First your going to assemble all your cherries as follows….Onto the head pin with the flat part at the bottom to keep your cherry on the pin. A Cherry bead, a stem bead, a leaf bead.
2. Use your jewelry tool to bend the top of the head pin downward like the photo above, and then just twist it around itself to form a little circle from the head pin, then cut off the extra metal as close to the twist as possible.
3. Once all your cherries are made you can add them individually to your necklace with jump rings, or add two together to each jump ring. You could even make a bunch of necklaces for gifts that each just have one set of cherries.

Xyron sticker magic!

Cool tools & cute stickers are two of my most favorite things to shop for, so when Xyron asked if I’d like to try out some of their products of course I said yes! They sent me the 1.5″ create-a-sticker and XM1255.
This small sized sticker maker is really affordable at about $6-$8 and you can find them at a lot of the craft stores that offer the 40% off coupons. I like to scan old ephemera that I don’t necessarily want to use up with one project, or something I want to be able to make many copies of. I had my decals scans printed with Staples on standard paper and they came out great. The smaller images work perfectly in the small sticker maker, and its really easy to use. You just lay your image in the top, pull on the sticker paper sticking out the bottom and your image slides down and starts to come out the bottom. My youngest son used it to turn some of his drawings into stickers. He’s ten and didn’t need any help using it!
The pro-machine is a powerhouse for larger items. I was able to feed in whole standard size pages with wiggle room. I had purchased a plain white bread box at the thrift shop with the intention of somehow decorating the front, and the pro worked perfectly. The permanent adhesive cartridge works on anything you might apply spray glue to (without the mess and it covers the entire back completely!) Plus you can use a cartridge for one project, then take it out and pop in a different one (like the lamination which I’m excited to try next), I like that I don’t have to use up a whole roll before switching. While the pro machine is one the higher end price wise, xyron does offer affordable options like the 5 inch creative station (again use those coupons!) You might not be able to do a whole sheet at once, but you’ll be able to feed through 5 inches wide at a time.

Now don’t think I’d tease you with all these cute images and not share….For your personal use here are page one,page two, and page three If you end up making your own stickers with the xyron machines I’d love to see so please leave a comment!