Summer Sewing

While I have not been a good blogger this Summer, I had completed a bunch of sewing projects. One of my goals this Summer was to work through some of my stash fabric. While I haven’t really made a dent in the fabric stash, it is nice to have some 100% finished projects to show for my effort.
Deer pattern from here, I wanted to try and find some vintage soft toy patterns to make as gift toppers for this Christmas. I’ve been experimenting with little sew-in frame purses, here is a helpful tutorial.

I decided right before I left for Florida for The Golden Years show that I needed to create a new purse for myself out of Golden Book fabric. I purchased the it’s a cinch tote bag pattern here. At first it bothered me that I could only find the connecting rings in a size that was too big for my webbing straps, but then it hit me that I could just turn the rectangle rings sideways! I didn’t get a new photo, but I hope you can see what I mean. I also made myself a little Halloween handbag using my Halloween fabric and a frame purse that I have had for months.

I used the same fabrics to make another coffee mug-rug, I use these little things for pot holders, hot pads, and underneath my coffee mugs to catch any spills. I used this paper piecing pattern for the sawtooth star.

I finally dug out all my halloween fabrics and made a quilt-as-you-go strip quilt, which I was able to finish in just a little over one day! I used this tutorial for guidance. Now I’m considering making a second Halloween quilt, but using the sawtooth stars instead.

And lastly I made myself a wallet! I didn’t use a pattern and it has a lot of silly mistakes, like it opens the wrong way. But it work well for me now until I find a wallet pattern I really love. Have you finished any sewing projects this Summer? I’d love to find some more things to sew before the Summer is over!