Blythe Ice Cream Social

My friend Molly threw an amazing Blythe Ice Cream Social last weekend at her house. An afternoon of ice cream (and she had a million topping combinations!), playing with dolls, and good company!
I finally got a chance to change out some of my gal’s eye chips thanks to Jessee for bringing her full sized glue sticks, and guidance on that. You can see the cool eye chips she makes here. Frankie got two new sets of eye chips, and I’ll be adding more.
I finally got a chance to start a reroot with saran hair too, much more tedious then the wool was to work with, but I’m still excited to do it.
It was such a fun afternoon!

we grew an adult!

The day after we got home from Chicago we had another smaller, but more momentous road trip to go on-taking Kurtis to college. Kurt of course graduated from high school this year and is attending Penn State University (about three hours from us). While we are so excited and proud for him, it is never an easy thing to say goodbye to such an amazing kid. It hasn’t even been a full week yet, and we miss him like crazy.

We stayed overnight at the Nittany Lion Inn while he spent his first night in the dorms. As you can see he wanted a loft bed, and it turned out to be a really good idea to help free up some extra space in the room. The ladder is on the end though so its up against the desk (which cannot be used) So to get up there he basically has to climb on his desk and the crawl his way up the bed. I wonder how long before that gets old.

We are excited & proud to see how college life suits him. He’s always been a very independent kid so I don’t think he will be too home sick. He already one a dance competition on his second night there-so I’d say he’s off to a good start.