20 Responses to working..

  1. Susan says:

    OMG! The hairballs! I was not expecting them!

  2. iHanna says:

    Totally cute and fun!

  3. Persephone says:

    Reminds me of the cat from Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove DS game.

  4. Akiyo says:

    Lol! The hairballs are hilarious!

  5. ginny says:

    Scrappycat love!!!Too cute and the hair balls gross fun.

  6. katie says:

    we love the hairballs!

  7. Rachel says:

    I love that little guy. I would love to make a black cat like that. Makes me want to experiment. Very inspirational


  8. sian says:

    those hairballs are the cutest little hairballs i have ever seen! and i have seen a lot….

  9. joetron2030 says:

    Sidekick hairballs = adorable!

  10. Heidi Kenney says:

    Sian, yeah-trust me my cat’s hair balls look nothing like this hahah

  11. Heidi Kenney says:

    hehe thanks Katie :)

  12. Heidi Kenney says:

    Persephone, Oh I’ll have to look that up–just the name makes it sound like it would be a fun game!

  13. Heidi Kenney says:

    Susan, haha just keeping you on your toes ;)