It’s hard to believe it’s already September, though I’m not complaining as I love the Fall. I’ve got another busy month ahead of me with Crafty Bastards creeping up (Sept 28th & 29th), three art shows, my trip to Maine, and a big holiday project in the work.
Here is one full tote for Crafty Bastard’s that I’ve finished so far, but I’ve also got Spoonflower fabric ordered, and I’ll be bringing Halloween bunting kits. Now if I can just fill up three or four more totes with sewing work I will be all set.
I’ve got some exciting Halloween DIY’s for you, that I will start posting around the middle of September so there will be plenty of time for making…I’ll probably start decorating our own house for Halloween on my birthday later this month, I never wait for the month of October.
Happy Labor Day! Mine will be filled with an afternoon of sewing, but then taking off early since we have a big family dinner planned for this evening.