a new bag

It appears as though it’s becoming a new tradition for me to sew myself a new bag before a trip. My trip to Chicago was no exception. Since I have already sewn a couple of tote bags from the perfect quilted tote pattern, I didn’t do any measuring for this bag and just made it in a similar style.
I had a piece of Ruby Star Sparkle that I have been saving for a purse, and then wanted to use a different fabric for the reverse side (like two bags in one) I decided to use a piece of Pennycandy’s King Of Cups fabric since it has a similar theme, and I have been saving it for something special. Now it’s my ode to vintage dishware purse, and I love it.
I used the info found here to add a zippered closure to the top, and it worked out so well that I will use it again in the next bag I make.
The photos on the bottom are while the bag was in use on my Chicago trip. To the left are amazing cute things I bought at Mitsuwa Marketplace outside of Chicago, and to the right is a Rayola plush by Travis Lampe which I’ve wanted for awhile and finally bought at Rotofugi.