watching movies

Since I’ve had so much sewing time this month (working on goods for Crafty Bastards) I’ve been watching a lot of movies on dvd & Netflix instant streaming (and sometimes the free Amazon prime streaming when I can’t find something on Netflix). I thought I’d share some favorites with you in case you have some tv/handiwork times of your own.
Harold and Maude My friend Katie first gave me a copy of this movie years ago when she couldn’t believe I had never seen it (and she happened to own two copies!) It does appear to be free to stream with Amazon Prime memberships, but it’s not on Netflix instant right now. It’s a wonderful unconventional love story!
Mermaids This title is on Netflix instant, go and watch it right away! I was on a Winona kick and realized I had never seen this film. I loved it all! The story is so cute, everyone has really fun quirks, the house interiors, clothing, and cars are all amazing. I’ll be watching it again soon.
Besides these gems I’ve re-watched some movies I’ve seen before like Heathers, Bottle Rocket, and Me and You and Everyone We Know (all on Netflix)
I have a growing list of subtitled films that I just cannot possibly watch while I sew, but I am tucking them away for a day I can kick back and do nothing but read…
Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Las Malas Intenciones – The Bad Intentions
My Scary Girl
I’d love to hear any of your suggestions, especially if you have favorites that are on Netflix or Amazon Prime streaming :)